Play-testers needed.

The Pitcher’s Duel project has released a demonstration of its batter interface, and we need people to play with it and report how it works for you.

Pitcher’s Duel is a baseball simulation game that relies on player hand-eye coordination to determine the batting outcomes, not on randomness. Once the pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand, there is no randomness involved, and whether the batting player even makes contact depends entirely on the skill of the gamer. Whether the batter gets a ‘hit’ depends not only on the gamers skill, but also on in-game qualities of the batter-avatar, such as strength, stance, and bat-speed.

For now, the product is nothing more than batting practice; the pitcher throws an unending series of pitches, all strikes, and you swing away at them. The last few months have gone into improving this interface so that pitches are hittable. It turns out that a pure true-scale, real-time
simulation is impossible to hit in, so various visual aids and timing corrections have been designed in.

I, myself, can get contact rates over 70%, but I have a fair amount of practice at this, with all the in-house testing I do, and I need a few other people to test it and report.

A good batter interface is critical to the success of the game, and I need to know that it works acceptably well before I continue on to building the rest of the game around it. Your assistance is appreciated.
The demo file is for Windows (tested under XP Pro) only, and includes an installer and an uninstaller. It can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Please email dkeeney@travelbyroad.net with a report of how well, or how badly, it played for you.

For more details about the project, see Here or the Wiki.

Thanks in advance.

David Keeney