The Pitcher’s Duel project is creating a game simulating the sport of Baseball.Graphics

Our in-game batter and pitcher graphics are now built of OpenGL primitives like cylinders and spheres, without texturing. See the screenshots in the project pages for the current situation.

We need an artist to provide a quality baseball player 3d model for this game. The graphics do not use ‘skinning’, and I hope we can avoid the need for ‘skinning’, by using static components that blend together where they overlap.

3ds (classic) is the preferred format for model data files.

An artist by the handle of ‘wulfman’ did some preliminary work on this, but left the project for family reasons. I can forward you his results, if you are interested in picking up and continuing.

Audio Files

We have an audio file of a bat striking the ball, and need that file modified (or new files recorded) to create at least four variants:

  1. The ball striking the ‘sweet-spot’ of the bat.
  2. The ball striking near the midline of the bat (a solid hit) but not in the ‘sweet-spot’.
  3. The ball striking the bat at a moderate angle (in play, but low energy transfer).
  4. The ball striking tangentially, such as a foul tip

We have two sound files, one for wooden bats and the other for aluminum bats, and need these four variations for aluminum as well.
More variations along these lines would be good, but not essential.

Now, the state of progress for Pitchers Duel is that we have a ‘Batting demo’ out, demonstrating the batting interface, and it uses the one single audio file for all contacts, which is not highly realistic.

Thank you

See for screenshots and downloads.