The batter demo was running rather slowly on my notebook computer, so I profiled it (with Hotshot) and found the slowness to be in the OpenGL rendering. My laptop is a Dell Latitude, with Radeon video and no graphics acceleration. Some refactoring of OpenGL calls made negligable improvements to the speed, leading me to the conclusion that this level of graphic detail is just unworkable without video hardward acceleration.

This is a big disappointment; as I had naively hoped to make the game undemanding enough to be played in coffeehouses, with coffeehouse computers (notebooks). I will be doing some experimentation in the next couple days with polygon counts, trying to get decent appearances with decent performance, but since I need a factor of four improvement (10 fps to 40 fps), the appearance is likely to suffer.

The tentative plan is to use multiple rendering classes, with different levels of detail, and to determine at startup which is the highest quality rendering that meets speed requirements. The lowest quality level may be stick-figures. ;(