Early August was spent out of town, traveling to a convention, (not Python related). Mid August was spent trying to get back into the game programming mind-set. Some progress was made in late August in getting an accellerator card installed and profiling various pyOpenGL scripts on that machine.

I diverted briefly from the Pitchers Duel project in early September to dabble at a PyWeek project; that project promptly bogged down on a performance issue with OpenGL (There is a LOT to understand about getting performance from OpenGL), and then cancelled for no time.

Weather has been nice in the mid-Atlantic for August, and I have been trying to spend free time outdoors, so progress on all things programming has been kindof slow. Hopefully I can get enough tuning time into Pitchers Duel to get a demo out by late September, and people can get their hands on it during the baseball late season playoff contention period.

So, to summarize for those of you waiting hopefully with scant news, the project is not dead, and is not even sleeping, but is just suffering from seasonal slacking.