Alyssa Milano has a blog about baseball.

 In this post, touch em all: Double Standard , she draws attention to a quote by Derek Lowe about power pitchers doing well in Denver.

That power pitchers (fastball pitchers) do comparatively well there is to be expected.   The low viscosity air affects them favorably, and affects ‘junk’ pitchers unfavorably. 

A pitch experiences less drag and less magnus (curving) force in the lower viscosity air than down at sea level.  So a fastball leaving the pitchers had at, say, 97 mph reaches the plate at a higher speed than the same pitch thrown in a sea-level park, and is less hittable.  A curveball curves less than at sea level, and is consequently more hittable.

 The Rockies are in a rare position where they can constructively build a team to match their ballpark, a team that can consistently outplay everybody else in that park.  The pitching staff should be all power pitchers.  A scan through the Rockies’ roster shows a mix of pitchers, with only one or two of them power pitchers.  This is a shame, as there were some good power pitchers on the market this off-season including B Wagner.

 A good move they did make was to get Willy Taveras from Houston.  He is fast, and an outfielder needs to be fast to cover the large outfield there.