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I have been using this bookmarking site for a while, and find it useful enough to recommend.

It differs from other bookmarking sites, in that links are all perishable, and disappear from your bookmark list after 30 days of disuse. It does not substitute for for me, but complements it. I use for permanent reference material, and listmixer for specific usages.

The listmixer interface provides one-click ‘promotion’ icons to promote the link to or other bookmark sites, for when you decide the link is worth permanently keeping.

I find Listmixer very handy for shopping purposes. When during web shopping, I find a promising item, I listmix it, so my listmixer page typically contains a few catalog pages for things I am considering purchasing. Generally, I choose something and make a purchase within 30 days, so the listmixer link longevity is plenty, and then within 30 days, the listmixer maintenance quietly sweeps the obsolete links away. I have no need to maintain catalog links for stuff I have already bought.

Listmixer is also useful for remembering videos to watch. I see links and recommendations for videos that I don’t have time to watch immediately (and when surfing at work, don’t have access anyway). Few videos are actually worth long term bookmarking, and I cannot judge which those are until I have leisure time to view them. These video links can be promoted from LM for the best videos, or deleted from LM link-by-link, but I usually just let them passively expire.

The privacy could be better; the list is accessible by anybody who knows the id. My experience is that my list is not googlable, so there is some privacy by obscurity, but actual private links would be a nice addition.