Good things happened this weekend!

Firstly, the Philadelphia Phillies (the local team) qualified for the playoffs by winning the NL East Division, and qualified without the one game tie-breaker. This team does not have the best pitching staff in the league, but complemented by their extraordinary offense, the team is good enough to win the World Series.

Secondly, another major milestone was reached in the development of Pitcher’s Duel. The pitching demo was rereleased. A prior release (in 2005 !) was just an animation demonstration, and did not have an interface to speak of. This release has a GUI and the ability to choose and throw pitches, some retrospection features, and is better looking.

The batter demo is almost done; in fact it was done, but I somehow overlooked releasing it, and now it needs a little sprucing up to match the pitcher demo.   There were a few releases months ago, but without the GUI and some features designed to aid hitting.  This week, I will get it fixed up, and then I will release it as well. I hope to get some good feedback on each, and I may well release an upgrade or two for each, to test any improvements we come up with.

Those are the two largest components of the game. After getting the batter demo online, I will be working on the network library (I have discussed various considerations on this blog before), and then assemble the three components into a playable inter-player game.

Anyway, enough chicken counting….

The demo (version 0.3) is at:

Some description and background is at .


The demo is available as a self-contained Windows installer, and as a source zip.

The source zip needs pygame, pyopengl, and ocemp gui 0.1x preinstalled.


If you are a baseball fan, or a sports-game fan, give it a try.