Google Docs

 For a while, I used Google Docs to keep my Russian study materials organized.  I would upload the documents and tag them with keywords like ‘verbs of motion’ or ‘genetive case’.   Then when I was struggling with putting a noun in genetive case, I could (with one click) pull up all the study materials covering genetive case.   It was very handy.

Unfortunately, during the month of August, Google Docs just spontaneously dropped all my labels.  The labels had survived a previous interface change that converted them to folders, but in August they just disappeared.  An inquiry in to Google technical support got an evasive response, and searching online yielded no insight into any backups or backup methodology.

I am not terribly inclined to re-enter all my labels, without the ability to back them up somehow, and knowing Google Inc will not assist with future problems…, and I recommend you, too, not use Google Docs for anything durable.

I might still use it for a weeks collaborative effort, where the benefit of shared documents outweighs the loss-risk.

Buyer beware.