For my recent web programming work, I was also looking at web application toolkits.  The big names, like Django, Turbogears, and Pylons, seemed like quite a commitment. They have per-site configuration tools, and a whole directory structure preconfigured. looked interesting, but it still looked too broad, including database access and templating.  I’d rather not start a project by having to disassemble my toolkit to remove parts I don’t need. 

I settled on Colubrid as having the right amount of sophistication for my needs.  It is a WSGI application builder, putting a nice usability veneer on WSGI, without going so far as to suggest templating or database selection.   It includes several different Application base classes, and each handles the fundamentals of making input data available in a request object, and returning the output appropriately formatted for the WSGI handler.   It handles forms and file uploads with grace.

See it at:  Pocoo