The batter and the pitcher demos have been improved, again, and released.  This time they are both released in the same file. 

 pduel_setup.0.8.1.exe This release is a Windows self-installer, which installs both demos, and includes an uninstaller.

Improvements to the batter include:

  • Bat magnetism, pulls the bat closer to the ‘ideal’ contact position, than your input would have accomplished.  This means more contact with the ball, and more hits.
  • Improvements to the swing timing, so that hits are possible to all parts of the field.
  • A GUI that supports batter-position adjustments, as well as replay and ‘nearest-contact’ inspection.

Improvements to the pitching demo include:

  • A GUI that allows selecting the level of play (MLB, College, HS), as well as the style, intensity, and location of the pitch;  also allows for replays and strike-zone path inspection.
  • Multiple different pitchers, with different arm motions such as overhead and sidearm.
  • Three different pitches, fastball, curveball, slider.

 This game is designed to be a ‘twitch’ skill game, minimizing the influence of random chance in the outcome of each action.  The batters stroke is entirey consequent to how the player ‘aims’, with no random component whatsoever.  The pitcher’s pitch placement interface jitters or flutters, adding some ‘noise’ to the location.  However, at the moment the mouse button is clicked, the pointer points precisely at the pitch destination, so the precision of placement is dependent on your reflexes.