Leo , the ‘literate editer / outliner’, has been around for years, and is up to version 4 something.

Googleing ‘python Leo’ gets scads and scads of listings, but not much diversity of source. 95% of the Google finds are by Ed Ream, the author of Leo. Most of these are mailing list pages. I have to give the guy credit for being persistant at promoting his product, but where are the users? Where are other people offering cookbook items on how to use it usefully, or even people giving it ‘signature-line’ promotion?

I have installed it, more than once, but each time had difficulty getting traction. The benefit to me that justifies the learning curve is not apparent. Just the fact that you have to ‘untangle’ the document to get a source file that python can run is a deterrent. A Leo that reads and writes plain text files implicitly, and keeps its organizational stubs in another file would be more attractive.