I like the term ‘Pitchers Duel’, because it describes a type of game that I enjoy thinking about.  Low score, few baserunners, many strikeouts.  Baserunning doesn’t matter much in these games, because rarely does a runner get on base.  The consistency of out-getting makes the contest look like a pure contest between pitchers:  Which pitcher will slip up first, and allow a run to score?

Most baseball fans, to the contrary, like high scoring games.  Baseball game attendence has increased in eras with high-scoring and dropped in low-scoring eras.   So I am considering alternative names for this computer game, that will appeal more to baseball fans.

The pitcher – catcher combo is known as the ‘battery’:

      Battery plus

Various phrases that emphasise the hitting aspect of the game:

       Bat and Ball / Ball and Bat

       Batter Up

       Ball and Stick

A more balanced title that includes both sides of the contest: 

        Hit and Pitch

This title represents the ‘moment of truth’ in each at-bat, where you know you may get only one more pitch. 

        Strike Two

Both batters and pitchers are very concerned about the strikezone, its extents, whether a given pitch is in or out, and how the player fares in the balance of strikes vs balls.

       Strike Zone

       Balls and Strikes

      Ahead of the Count

      Full Count

A facetious, but sorta mean-spirited, option: 

      NOT Barry Bonds

Let me know what you feel is a good choice.