I set out this Sunday to package up Full Count as a standalone app, with an installer, and spent the whole day frustrated by crashing problems.    SDL ‘parachute’ exceptions would crash the game on a certain GUI module call.  After tracing the source of the crash several call levels deep into the Ocemp GUI code, I gave up.    OcempGUI is just too internally elaborate, and that makes bug finding quite difficult.  After years of happy use of this library, I am moving on to finding another.

The two favored options, at this point, are ‘Albow’, and writing my own.

I looked at Albow a few years ago, and disregarded it, as ‘owning the loop’ disqualified it:


Take another look at it yesterday, and wrote an alternative RootWidget that permits the system to be pumped from an external run-loop.  As part of my exploration, I will be posting (this week) an addition to my GUI review series to cover Albow.

My thoughts on creating a new Pygame GUI toolkit will be in another post another time.